Because Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Our top priority is to keep teeth healthy and natural. Our general and preventive dentistry is designed to keep your teeth clean and protected, and to discover problems as early as possible. Your whole family will benefit from our advanced diagnostic technology. Our intraoral cameras allows you to see what is going on in your mouth right along with the doctor. That’s just one of the many advances we implement to help kids and adults alike get active in understanding and maintaining their oral health.

Regular checkups for complete care are recommended for patients of all ages. Call us today for an appointment and we’ll work together to assess and address any concerns.

Comprehensive Exams

Patients are constantly commenting that they have never had such a complete and thoughtful exam in their lives. We are proud of how carefully we listen to you and how comprehensively we examine your teeth and soft tissue. We are always on the lookout for the first signs of cavities, oral cancer, and gum disease to stop problems before they become serious. We also communicate and educate as we examine, so you can take control of your own health.

Oral Cancer Screenings

According to the the American Cancer Society’s most recent estimates for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers in the United States, more than 48,000 people will get oral or oropharyngeal cancer this year. Their statistics show that these cancers are more than twice as common in men as in women. Our dentists and hygienists are highly-trained and experienced in recognizing the earliest signs of cancer, usually before you ever notice anything has changed.


Our x-rays are far from standard. In fact, our diagnostic technology goes beyond x-rays to include the DIAGNOdent cavity detection laser and the cone beam CT scanner to help us get the best picture of your oral and maxillofacial health. And because all of our technology is digital, you and your family are exposed to far less harmful radiation than traditional x-rays — up to 70% less. We even offer extraoral bitewing x-rays for less pinching or discomfort.


To keep your teeth sparkling clean and your gums infection-free, we recommend keeping up with your regular hygiene visits — at least two a year and more if you have a history of caries or gum disease. We use the piezo cleaners to remove calculus, plaque, and subgingival concretions — in other words, the germ-filled build up that can lead to gum disease and other infections. Everything is completed comfortably and quickly.

Periodontal Therapy

We believe in completing a full periodontal exam every year because gum disease can be present with no noticeable symptoms. If we discover the first signs of gum disease, we will get you started on our highly effective treatment protocol right away. We will, of course, tailor your treatment to meet the level of care you need.

We offer:

  • ARESTIN gum-pocket antibiotic treatment
  • Periodontal surgical correction for soft and hard tissue using our laser to disinfect and heal as we work.
  • Soft and hard tissue grafting
  • Endoret (prgf) to speed your healing and activate your own platelets
  • Straumann Emdogain to regenerate tissue lost to infection

Your gums, and your smile, will be back to perfect health in no time.

Fluoride Treatments

Every smile can use a little protection. That’s why we offer fluoride treatment for everyone – young, old, and everything in between. Fluoride helps remineralize your teeth, protecting them from everyday attacks from sugar, acidic foods and drinks, and other damaging habits. Fluoride can stop caries and root decay in adults and protect precious little teeth from cavities. We even offer take-home treatments to give decay prone teeth even more protection. Call us today to schedule your next fluoride treatment.


Your teeth are the most important part of your smile – are you taking every opportunity to protect them? Wearing a mouthguard at night and making sure your children wear a sports guard when they play is key. But not all guards are created equally. Our night and sports guards are custom-made to fit your mouth and, unlike boil-and-bite guards, are comfortable, long-lasting and offer an extra edge of pure protection.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

We check all our patients for signs of sleep apnea. If we discover that you are experiencing symptoms, Dr. Longest can work with your primary care physician to get you evaluated for a sleep breathing disturbance. If you have already been diagnosed, or you can’t tolerate your CPAP machine, talk to us. We offer compact and comfortable oral appliances including the EMA Oral Appliance, and the smallest available device, the MicrO2, to keep your airway open and help you finally get a good night’s rest.

Emergency Care

No one likes an emergency of any kind, but dental emergencies can be especially distressing. Take comfort in knowing you can always count on us if something happens to your smile. We always try to get you in for same-day treatment. If your emergency happens after hours or on the weekend, we are available to help you by phone.


We have a deeply inherent commitment to staying on top of the latest developments in dental technology, in order to share a more precise, comforting, and convenient level of care with our patients. This equipment is a valuable tool in allowing our doctors and team the ability to accurately diagnose a patient’s oral and even overall health issues. With diagnostics such as the DIAGNOdent cavity detection laser and the cone beam CT scanner we are able to get a clear picture of your maxillofacial health. Our CEREC milling machine allows for the accurate creation of in-house crowns and veneers. We’ve also proudly invested in the X-Guide system for more simplified and more accurate dental implant placement procedures. Dental Health Group’s state-of-the-art office also features computerized treatment rooms and intraoral cameras for clear, real-time imaging you can see immediately. We also rely on extremely effective soft tissue lasers to heal as it works for sutureless treatment. Feel assured that Drs. Yant, Longest, and Allen consistently seek out dental lectures, meetings, and conventions for the most relevant information regarding new techniques, products, and equipment.

General & Preventive Dentistry